WaterAid in Mozambique

Here’s an overview from WaterAid of the water and sanitation situation in Mozambique… including the proportion of the county’s population that have access to clean water and a safe toilet.

With 3 days until I travel, I’ve suddenly realised that I’ve read a lot about where I’m going, but not looked at many photos like I would normally do!

This video brings Mozambique to life and has got me excited about the different culture and way of living that I am going to experience, and the different landscapes, infrastructure, clothes, weather…

At the same time, it has got me worried.

I’m used to being positive and enthusiastic about things.  I don’t know how I will react.  Will I feel really positive about the progress that WaterAid is supporting communities to make?  Or will the reality of a life expectancy of 50 years be completely depressing?


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