About me

I’m Sally and water features quite largely in my life.  That’s why I always keep a towel hanging behind my head.


I work at Southern Water, I spend a lot of time on the water at Shoreham, windsurfing and kitesurfing, and I’m a WaterAid supporter.

Water is a basic human right. I believe that everyone, everywhere should have clean water to drink, wash, cook, clean and grow food with.  Working in education, I believe passionately that everyone is entitled to opportunities to learn, develop and achieve.  That is simply not possible without clean water and a safe toilet. I strongly support WaterAid’s sustainable approach to supporting the world’s poorest and most marginalised.

I work as the Community Education Manager at Southern Water because I am passionate about the importance of water and sanitation, and sharing this with others.  In my previous work as a Geography teacher, I used WaterAid’s ‘Dig toilets, not graves’ campaign, and their remote control poo video, to engage young people with lessons on the global water crisis, and inspired classes to research and present on WaterAid’s work.

I also used to work as a Prince’s Trust Team Leader in Worthing, and I am commited to working alongside the most disadvantaged within communities, and helping them to help themselves.

This visit to Mozambique is a unique chance for me to meet some of the individuals whom I have supported young people to learn about: those who benefit from, deliver and coordinate WaterAid’s work.  I am looking forward to discovering more about the opportunities and challenges that communities in Mozambique face, and sharing their experiences with you amazing people who have chosen to read this 🙂