Water walk

14066263_10101675231479849_7495200191893834670_o-1I cycle to work in Worthing, and it’s often my favourite part of my day.  But in the run up to my trip to Mozambique, on my cycle I keep thinking about the walk that so many people do to fetch water.  I can’t help comparing.

<iframe height=’405′ width=’590′ frameborder=’0′ allowtransparency=’true’ scrolling=’no’ src=’https://www.strava.com/activities/742227820/embed/130ceb4dad4c3b9914805c324fec9dca5bde2e86′></iframe


I try to imagine how I would feel if I had to walk those same 8 miles carrying 20kg of water.   I can’t imagine.

That would take me hours: I’d need a drink with me, I’d want a shower at the end, I’d be tired, I wouldn’t feel up for working afterwards, or have much time left to work.  That would be my honest reaction to having to walk from Shoreham to Worthing.  And that’s hard to admit, when I realise young children are doing just that, certainly with no sports bottle to sip along the way, to fetch potentially dangerous water, to do their best to maintain their family’s health.  It’s just so hard to imagine what that would be like when  it’s so far removed from our daily grind.

But this poem takes me close to imagining what it might be like …

This film illustrates a poem: ‘Water Walk,’ by Martin Kiszko.  I love it.  The sounds and and scenery really take you to Lala’s water walk in Madagascar.

The footage features 11-year-old Lala from Soavinarivo village, Bongolava region, Madagascar. Lala is the eldest of seven siblings and has been collecting water since the age of 4 at least twice a day.

I wonder if I might join someone on a water walk in Mozambique.


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